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New Machine Opens Opportunities for Wyandotte Precision Products Machine Shop

Wyandotte Precision Products, located in Joplin, Mo., invested in a new machine designed to give the company new and faster capabilities.

“This machine gives us the ability to do aerospace work with the addition of what’s called a trunion table for true 5 axis machining, which we could not do with our existing equipment,” said Wyandotte Precision Products General Manager Steve Selby. “The larger work we are able to do with the Haas actually cuts down on the amount of competition we face since this is one of the few large capacity machines in this area.”

The Haas VF-8 Vertical Machining Center with Renishaw Intuitive probing allows Wyandotte Precision Products to reverse engineer customer parts and do some inspection on the machine. It is wired to accept a 4th and 5th axis, would allow Wyandotte Precision Products to do the complex aerospace type parts.


“This machine was purchased with the high speed machining option, which allows the machine to look ahead in the program and execute the program with virtually no hesitation,” Selby said. “The size of the machining envelope gives us an advantage over other machine shops allowing us to do much larger work.”

He said the machine, with its 8,000 rpm spindle and over 200 inches per minute travel speeds, is much faster than Wyandotte Precision Products’s existing machines, which max out at 3,000 rpm and around 100 inches per minute travel speed.  

Wyandotte Precision Products provides machining, engineering, reverse engineering, and manufacturing.

Wyandotte Precision Products "Manufacturer of the Year"

Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma CEO Kelly Carpino, Wyandotte Precision Products President Ron Brown, and WPP General Manager Steve Selby. (Courtesy Photo)

Wyandotte Precision Products, Joplin, was recently named “Manufacturer of the Year” during Oklahoma Minority Enterprise Development Week. The event for minority entrepreneurs was coordinated by the REI Native American Business Centers.

“It is an honor for our team at Wyandotte Precision Products to receive the award from the MED organization and REI of Oklahoma,” Ron Brown, WPP president, said in a statement. “We still have a tremendous amount of work to do to meet our goals, but the award is an unexpected and welcome recognition of our efforts so far.

The company was formed in June 2011 with the acquisition of an existing machine shop by the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Department.  

WPP produces maintenance and repair parts for manufacturing companies in the food processing, printing, oil and gas, military, explosives and automotive industries.

The company has nine full-time employees, in addition to a contract worker.

REI Native American Business Centers deliver technical assistance and training programs in an effort to build successful Native American and minority-owned businesses.

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